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Professional support for your business

We take care of it for you – you have more time for the essentials

Save time and money thanks to virtual support from I+R Virtual Assistance Ltd

We are Iris Rusterholz and Ruth Livingstone and look forward to working for you as virtual assistants.

Are you more involved with your company than you would like? Instead of worrying about your core tasks, do you spend too much time on time-consuming administrative and writing tasks? Do family, leisure and relaxation often fall by the wayside?

What you need is someone to give you more hours in your day and more days in your week. Sounds impossible, but it is not!

From our virtual office we can relieve you of time-consuming administrative work, support you actively with individual projects, create and maintain a professional website for you and much more.

We offer you over 12 years of in-depth experience in webpage design and coding as well as know-how in graphic design and technical writing. In addition, we have over 20 years of extensive experience in the administrative and organisational / planning area, acquired in various Swiss companies, both in the private sector and in state-owned companies.  

“Iris has a clear grasp of deadlines and takes a proactive approach. Her assistance tasks, such as planning & coordinating broadcasts with several partners, were an important support for my management function.”

B. Stegmayer

was department head, ERF-Medien; now owner of Best Image

“A first class collaboration with Ruth. Many many thanks. Our team could rely on them 100%. Would gladly use again!”

Philip Zimmerman

Pastor, Kirche in Aktion

“As a virtual assistant, Iris is an asset on two counts. On the one hand, she does her work conscientiously, quickly and without you noticing the geographic distance. On the other hand Iris is a person who takes care of details, works very carefully and precisely. This combination is worth its weight in gold.”

Michael Mettler

Owner of rimina

How can we help you?


Save valuable time

We relieve you of the tough and tedious work, so that you have more capacity for your actual business. You gain more time for the essentials in life!


Get more peace of mind in your work day

We reduce your workload through good planning, organisation and punctual completion of the tasks you assign us. This will allow you to re-focus on your core competencies!

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Save money with us

  1. Virtual assistants work anywhere. This saves you expensive office equipment and space.
  2. You only book us when you need us – without any ongoing personnel costs!
  3. With our cost-effective and flexible support we increase your efficiency.